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NWP Radio — Sondra Perl and Charles Schuster Talk About New Book

Date: October 5, 2010

Summary: NWP Radio makes a quick visit to Sondra Perl and Charles Schuster to hear about their new freshmen reader, "Stepping On My Brother's Head" and Other Secrets Your English Professor Never Told You.


Excerpt from Show

Charles Schuster: We wrote letters to a wide range of writing teachers. We wanted teachers to write essays, and in our letter, which we spent many, many hours crafting, we really asked them to do something that was surprising, something that was fun for them, but also something that was meaningful.

Not all of these essays are in any way frivolous. Some of them are very serious, passionate, thoughtful, and memorable essays. We asked them to really tell some kind of secret, confess something that was important to them.

Sondra Perl: We wrestled a lot with the word secret because we didn't want them to think it had to be something shameful. We wanted them to consider something that they had not revealed before, certainly not to people in their professional lives and maybe to people in their personal lives.

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