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NWP Radio — Teachers and Writers Together at Student-Staffed Writing Centers

Date: October 28, 2010

Summary: The first of two programs about student-staffed writing centers from schools around the country. Guests—including students—share how their work with writing centers has transformed their own work as writers and the culture of their schools.


Excerpt from Show

Student: I always realized maybe I like writing a little more than other people, but kind of getting across that barrier so that you don't seem like this uppity person who just loves writing and you're just talking to peons below you, you have to create an equality so they realize they're dealing with someone who is on their level and wants to help them become a better writer, not just stand over them and tell them they're doing this and this and this wrong.

So I kind of had to find a balancing way to convey the joys and the effects of writing and become a stronger writer and becoming better at wording your ideas and getting them across, not just for grades but for yourself, while not being overly enthusiastic and making them feel a little bit uncomfortable.

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