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Arkansas Writing Project Teacher Puts Humor into History

Publication: Ozarks Unbound
Date: October 28, 2010

Summary: Mike Thomas, a co-director of the Northwest Arkansas Writing Project, is interviewed about his original play, "Digging Up Arkansas," which has received outstanding reviews from audiences.


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I am a co director of the National Writing Project Summer Invitational. I show teachers the importance of writing with their students and writing in all subject areas. I am published in 4 different acting anthologies used in classrooms across the nation and I feel like I have to write.

I love the idea of what a bunch of words can do when they are strung together. I need quiet time to write, usually 5 to 7 a.m. That is my quiet time with a rested brain, but I also write on napkins and receipts and back of business cards, I never know when I'm gonna get that spark to elaborate later on.

I keep 4 journals going all the time. One is always by my bed, one in my truck, one in the office and one by my chair in the living room. I have boxes of yellow tablets and spiral notebooks in my attic pickling. I pull them back out and reread ideas and they always spark new writing.

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Read Putting Humor in History | Five Question with Mike Thomas of Digging Up Arkansas in Ozarks Unbound.

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