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NWP Radio—Writing and Healing On Veterans Day and Beyond

Date: November 11, 2010

Summary: NWP Radio takes a look at the issues faced by returning servicemen and women, many of whom are now entering universities and community colleges or resuming their places in the families of children in schools. We take a particular look at their experiences as we think about writing and healing.


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Theater of War is a project that presents readings of ancient Greek plays by Sophocles as a catalyst for town hall discussions in military communities about post-deployment health issues, suicide, and the impact of war on families. It arose from the notion that ancient Greek drama was a form of ritual storytelling, purification, and reintegration for veterans, by veterans, in a century that saw 80 years of war.

Most of us were taught to think of Greek drama as an aesthetic experience, but this project really tries to put Greek drama back into its social context.

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