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Continuity in Action: How Sites Extend the Summer Institute

Date: January 2011

Summary: Writing Project sites offer a range of opportunities for teacher-consultants to extend and deepen the work of the professional community beyond the invitational summer institute. The following resources offer glimpses into a rich variety of continuity opportunities at local sites.


Site Leaders Explore Continuity—Enacting the Culture of the NWP Model Year Round

How do NWP sites develop leadership and build the capacity to meet the needs of their service areas? Site leaders explored this question and others at the 2009 Directors Retreat, where they learned how sites build leadership capacity by engaging teacher-leaders in ongoing opportunities to learn together about NWP site work.

A Social Networking Space for Teachers of English Language Learners

The Know ELLs social networking space supports educators in sharing an array of resources on the teaching of English language learners and provides a supportive space for them to discuss their successes and challenges in the classroom.

New York City Writing Project "Retreats" to Write Again!

Overcoming the challenges of expense, distance, writer's fear of rejection, and being "just-too-darn-busy," the NYCWP organized its own Professional Writing Retreat and integrated professional writing into its regular work.

Indian Education for All: Grounded in Place and Culture

In Maine and Montana, Writing Project sites are exploring how to help teachers implement state laws regarding Indian education and improve the writing of Native American learners.

"Powerful Continuity": Leveraging Lessons of the LSRI Experience

The Southern Nevada Writing Project's research of its Family Writing Project revealed three different areas that could have implications for the future of all of its continuity programs: developing a culture of writing, developing community, and developing professional efficacy.

NWP Radio—After The Summer Institute, What's Next?

This episode of NWP Radio features a discussion of how teacher-consultants can connect to NWP through online opportunities and national events after the invitational summer institute.

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