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NWP Radio—The Pressures of Teaching: How Teachers Cope With Classroom Stress

Date: January 13, 2011

Summary: Visit with Maureen Picard Robins and several teacher-authors of a new essay collection titled The Pressures of Teaching: How Teachers Cope With Classroom Stress. Hear about the genesis of this collection and listen to the stories of three chapter authors: Bryan Ripley Crandall, Fred Haas, and Bruce Green.


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One of the main problems with technology integration has nothing to do with teachers. It starts with the administration or leadership in a school or district. Very often teachers have products kind of dumped in their lap with the expectation that they will add them to their repertoire and get the kids using them....

The most glaring issue involving technology integration in every school I have been to, whether I have been a teacher-visitor, or even when I worked for a consulting firm, is lack of support. Schools simply cannot afford it. There are not enough staff that can provide the kind of support needed, and even if there were, they could never solve the problems fast enough. If a teacher has a lesson plan that involves significant computer use, whether the teacher or the students are the primary users, anytime things do not go as planned, it is an invitation for chaos.

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