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Why Rural Matters: 2009

Date: February 11, 2011

Summary: The fifth report in a biennial research series by the Rural School and Community Trust, this report provides regional analyses of rural education based on comparative gauges, including size and scope, students and families, educational policies and outcomes, poverty, and rural education priorities.


Excerpt from Report

Rural education is often seen as nothing more than what it is not—'non-metropolitan.' It is further wrongly assumed to be uniform in character and circumstance. It is not. But there are regional patterns of similarity not neatly divided along state lines, where school improvement efforts might build on common denominators and shared assumptions. A federal initiative to help the states define and implement such strategies to improve schools in high-poverty regions is certainly needed."

Copyright © 2009 Rural School and Community Trust. Posted with permission.
Johnson, Jerry and Marty Strange. 2009. Why Rural Matters 2009: State and Regional Challenges and Opportunities: Rural School and Community Trust.

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