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Planning for Writing Instruction

Date: February 16, 2011

Summary: In this excerpt from Mark Overmeyer's When Writing Workshop Isn't Working, the author discusses the process of planning for an entire year of writing instruction. Overmeyer is a teacher-consultant with the Denver Writing Project.


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Planning for a year is an excellent way to think backwards: once my teammates and I decided which type of writing would occur in each month, we could begin gathering our resources and planning for instruction. We knew what types of writing we would need to cover in order for students to be successful in each unit.

Though we knew we would have to adapt our ideas according to student need, having the plan created a strong scope and sequence that covered the requirements of our district curriculum. Organizing for the year ensured that we would give students ample opportunity to demonstrate their growth in writing."

Copyright © 2011 The Stenhouse Blog. Reprinted with permission of Stenhouse Publishers.
2011. "Quick Tip Tuesday: Planning for Writing Instruction" The Stenhouse Blog , February 11. Cited from When Writing Workshop Isn't Working: Answers to Ten Tough Questions, Grades 2-5, Copyright © 2005 by Mark Overmeyer.

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