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NWP Radio—Challenges and Opportunities in Leading a NWP Site

Date: January 27, 2011

Summary: Directors from various NWP sites unpack the complexities of transitioning a writing project site from one leader to the next and share honest insights about what they learned through the process.


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The idea of the Writing Project was new for me, so I did what I usually do when I'm faced with something difficult—I turned to books. I devoured anything I could find about the National Writing Project.

I looked at the National Writing Project's resources, starting with the very beginning with James Gray's Teachers at the Center: A Memoir of the Early Years of the National Writing Project and looking at Ann Lieberman and Diane Wood's Inside the National Writing Project: Connecting Network Learning and Classroom Teaching.

I also leaned heavily on the NWP's leaders, such as Joyce Alberts and Don Gallehr. At the time Don Gallehr was our state director and they were both very helpful in that they came to the university and they educated us.

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