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By: NWP Staff
Publication: The Voice, Vol. 7, No. 2
Date: March-April 2002

Summary: Find out your colleagues' latest awards and publications


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Greater Phoenix Area Writing Project
G. Lynn Nelson, director, had his article, "Writing Beyond Testing: The Word as an Instrument of Creation," published in the September 2001 issue of English Journal (91) 1.


Northwest Arkansas Writing Project
Samuel Totten, director, had a book published entitled Holocaust Education: Issues and Approaches (Allyn and Bacon, 2001).


Central California Writing Project
Donald Rothman, director, was honored by the Santa Cruz County Reading Association in fall 2001 for his commitment to literacy education in the context of enhancing democracy.

Inland Area Writing Project
Denise Bokman, 2001 fellow, will take over the Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) program for underachieving but capable college-bound students at Wells Intermediate School in Riverside.

Marilyn Cram Donahue, 2001 fellow, had her article, "Beating the Boredom Blues," published in Current Health 2, November 2001. Cram Donahue's four other articles also have firm publication dates: "Athletes as Role Models," Current Health 2, January 2002; "Help for Your Health: Separating Fact and Fiction," Current Health 2, February 2002; "Athletes Are Real People–Just Like You," Current Health 1, March, 2002; and "You Can Break That Habit!" Current Health 2, April/May, 2002. 

Cyndi Furr, 1999 fellow, is the yearbook coordinator at Palm Desert High School, Desert Sands. The 2001 yearbook was given a first place rank by the American Scholastic Press Association.

UCLA Writing Project
Steve Abee, 1999 fellow, has published his book, The Bus: Cosmic Ejaculations of the Daily Mind in Transit (Phony Lid Books, November 2001).


Connecticut Writing Project - Fairfield
Faye Gage, director, was named Educator of the Year at the Connecticut Council of Teachers of English (CCTE) Annual Conference in November 2001. This award is given annually to a person who has had a long-term impact on teaching through-out the state. Gage teaches in the Department of Education and Allied Professions at Fairfield University and has served as director of the writing project for 17 years.

Susan Pascucci, 1985 fellow, was named Poet of the Year at the CCTE Annual Conference in November 2001. Pascucci teaches creative writing and freshman English at Greenwich High School.

Bob Wilson, co-director and 1986 fellow, was elected president of CCTE at their annual conference in November 2001. Wilson is the English department chair at Greenwich High School.


Delaware Writing Project
Carol Vukelich, director, co-authored a book, Helping Young Children Learn Language and Literacy, with colleagues Jim Christie and Billie Enz (Allyn and Bacon, November 2001).


Georgia Southern Writing Project
Kathy Albertson, director and 1996 fellow, and Mary Marwitz, co-director and 1996 fellow, had their article, "The Silent Scream: Students Negotiating Timed Writing Assessments," published in the December 2001 issue of Teaching English in the Two-Year College.

Linda VonBergen, 1998 fellow, had her article, "Shaping the Point with Poetry" published in the Journal of Basic Writing (20) 1: 77-88.


Maine Writing Project
Jeff Wilhelm, director; Tanya Baker, co-director; and Julie Dube, 1997 fellow, have published their book, Strategic Reading: Guiding Students to Lifelong Literacy 6-12 (Heinemann, 2001).


Maryland Writing Project
Anne Agee, 1982 fellow, and Dee Holisky, her co-author, received the EDUCAUSE Quarterly Contribution of the Year Award for their article, Technology Across the Curriculum at George Mason University. Agee is the coordinator of the Technology Across the Curriculum Initiative at George Mason University, and the program has won the EDUCAUSE 2001 Prize for Systemic Progress in Teaching and Learning.

Evan Balkan, 1999 fellow, published the following fiction: "Polish Rose" in Byline literary magazine (March 2000); "Chasing Demons" in Apostrophe: University of South Carolina - Beaufort Journal of the Arts (2001); and "William's Case" in Starry Night Review e-zine (summer 2000). Balkan also published the following nonfiction articles: "Though It's Often Bashed, Liberalism's Day Has Not Quite Passed," in the Baltimore Sun (15 February 2001); "Inspiration a Legacy of Eudora Welty" in the Baltimore Sun (26 July 2001); "No City's Like New Orleans" in the Baltimore Sun (19 August 2001); and "Max Beerbohm" and "Charles Darwin" in The Continuum Encyclopedia of British Literature (Hunter College, City University of New York Press, spring 2002). Balkan is a professor of English at the Community College of Baltimore County in Catonsville.

John Barber, 1995 fellow, was local chair of the National Council of Teachers of English Convention in Baltimore 2001.

Barbara Bass, director and 1988 fellow, was awarded a Mentoring to Master Technology Integration Project (MM-TIPS) Grant by Towson University, College of Education, for her project on integrating technology into teacher education programs.

Joan Donner, 1987 fellow, won the Memoir Award of the Best of 2000—Maryland's Artscape Literary Arts Awards. Donner was invited to present at the Annual Memoir Workshop at Sherwood Library in Alexandria.

Tina Dushel, 1990 fellow, is writing the Education Exchange column for Baltimore's Child. Dushel is valedictorian of her graduating class in the Masters in Professional Writing Program at Towson University.

Colleen Ebacher, 2001 fellow, was awarded a MM-TIPS Grant by Towson University, College of Education. Ebacher will be working as her site's technology liaison.

Linda Flanagan, 1989 fellow, had an article published in Communiqué, a magazine for the employees of The Cleveland Plain Dealer.

Margaret Musgrove, 1991 fellow, published her second book, : The Spider Weaver: A Legend of Kente Cloth (The Blue Sky Press/Scholastic, February 2001).

Rebecca Rozmiarek, 1992 fellow, received an award for regional research from the Maryland Association of Supervision and Curriculum Development.

Meg Tipper, 1983 fellow, was granted a one-year sabbatical that she is spending at the University of York in England. This is a competitive award decided by a committee and based on proposals from faculty members. Tipper's proposal is for travel, study, writing, and the creation of a website in connection with the humanities course that she teaches.

The following fellows have received National Board certification in 2001: Kristina Berdan, 1998 fellow; Susan Lancaster Burke, 1996 fellow; Aldema Ridge, 1982 fellow; and Angela Tirdil, 1999 fellow.

Rus Van Westervelt, 1989 fellow, writes a monthly column in Baltimore's Child entitled "Focus on Fathers." Van Westervelt is a student in Goucher College's Masters of Fine Arts program in Creative Nonfiction.


Eastern Michigan Writing Project
Virginia Labar, 1999 fellow, attended the International Council of Innovation in Higher Education (ICIE) Annual Conference in Rome, Italy. Labar presented a piece on teacher self-reflection at Hyattsville Middle School that she co-wrote with her school-reform consultant. The paper will be published in the proceedings.

Sarah Lorenz, 1997 fellow, had an article, "Beyond Rhetoric: A Reflective, Persuasive Final Exam for the Workshop Classroom," published in the fall 2001 issue of The Quarterly of the National Writing Project (23) 4.

Dawn Putnam, 1997 fellow, received high school honorable mention of the Paul and Kate Farmer Writing Award for her article on reflection, "Written Reflections: Creating Better Thinkers, Better Writers," (English Journal, September 2000). The award recognizes outstanding articles published during the previous school year in English Journal.


Greater Kansas City Writing Project
Maridella Carter, co-director, had her article, "The Bible: Still a Classic Worldwide Bestseller," published in the March 2002 issue of English Journal.

Aleatha Ezra, 1999 fellow, received the Sosland Teaching Award for the 2000-2001 school year. The award recognizes excellence in the teaching of composition. Ezra teaches at University of Missouri at Kansas City.

Dennis Lawrence, 1998 fellow, received the Excellence in Teaching Award of $5000 from the Ewing M. Kauffman Fund for Greater Kansas City in May 2001.

Debra McArthur, 1985 fellow, had her nonfiction book, The Dust Bowl and the Depression in American History, published by Enslow Publishers (January, 2002). McArthur was recently named director of academic support services at Park University.

Rick Pribyl, 1989 fellow, and Linda Brecheisen-Pribyl, 1991 fellow, who both teach at Blue Valley Northwest, received National Board certification in Secondary Language Arts.

Disa Rice, 2001 fellow, presented a session at Interface 2002 on February 21-23, a conference by the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education for K-6 teachers. Rice teaches at Siegrist Elementary School in Platte County.

Erin Rivers, 2001 fellow, was named vice principal of curriculum and instruction at DeLaSalle Junior High School. Rivers was recently featured in the Excellence in Education section in the Kansas City Star (11/27/01).


Oregon Writing Project at the University of Oregon
Nan Phifer, co-director and 1985 fellow, had a book, Memoirs of the Soul: Writing Your Spiritual Autobiography, published by Writer's Digest Books/Walking Stick Press (December 2001).


South Texas Writing Project
Dora Flores, co-director, had her short story, "Cubreviento," published in the Ixhua 2001 Literary Review. Flores is a homebound teacher for the Laredo Independent School District.

Randy Koch, 1998 fellow and an English instructor at Laredo Community College, had the following five poems published in the fall/winter issue of English in Texas, an NCTE publication: "Day 22: Mercy," "Day 35: Revolt," "Day 38: I Plan a Lesson for Outlining as I Think of My Students," "Day 40: Hungry and with Chinese Food on My Mind I Wait for Students to Show Up for Conferences," and "Day 48: Goodbye." Koch also had his poem, "Oh What Do They Do in Minnesota," published in the December 2001 issue of the Mankato Poetry Review.


Utah Writing Project
Lynda Hamblin, 1992 fellow, received the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE) Farmer Award for Best English Journal Article of the year.

Margaret Rostkowski, 1981 fellow, was named the Utah English/Language Arts Teacher of the Year for 2001.

William Strong, director and 1978 fellow, has published his book, Coaching Writing: The Power of Guided Practice (Heinemann, 2001).


Northern Virginia Writing Project
Mary Tedrow, 1998 fellow and 2001 Teacher of the Year in Frederick County, received National Board certification.

Southwest Virginia Writing Project
Marcie Flinchum Atkins, 2000 fellow, had a featured editorial, "Freedoms Threatened—and Understood," published in the Roanoke Times (30 September 2001). Flinchum Atkins also published an article, "Khao Paat Muu: My Love Affair with Fried Rice," on the website, (28 May 2001).

Katrina Landon, 1994 fellow, and Carol Smawley, 2000 fellow, received National Board certification in November 2001.

Martha Norris Moore, 1994 fellow, published an article, "Opening Doors for the Displaced Worker," in the August/September 2000 issue of the Community College Journal.

Nancy Webb, 2000 fellow, had an article, "In Celebration of Our Learning," published in the Spring 2001 issue of the Virginia English Bulletin 51 (1).

Washington, D.C.

DC Area Writing Project
Patricia D. Bradford, 1993 fellow, had an article, "When We Leave Christ Out of Christmas, It Leaves Us Empty," published in the winter 2001 edition of The Allen Connection.

Sandra Adams Byrd, 1999 fellow, and Azalie Hightower, 1995 fellow, completed training in Dallas, Texas, to become certified Level III National Pacesetter English trainers. Byrd is an English teacher at Eastern Senior High School. Hightower is an English teacher at Coolidge Senior High School.

Judith M. Kelly, director and 1995 fellow, delivered two keynote presentations this fall. Kelly addressed the North Carolina Association of Teachers of English at their annual convention in Winston Salem, North Carolina, and the New Jersey Education Association at their annual convention in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

Loretta Kelly, 1997 fellow, received a $5000 technology grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Kelly also received a letter of appreciation from President Bush for her student's entry, a poem and art work, in the President's Youth Arts Initiative. The work is currently displayed in the White House and will be permanently placed in President Bush's library in Texas.

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