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Teacher Voices: Immigration, Language and Culture

Date: May 11, 2011

Summary: The latest report from The College Board's Teachers Are the Center of Education/Teacher Voices series features several NWP teachers' expertise and viewpoints on teaching English language learners.


This report, the fifth in the Teachers Are the Center of Education/Teacher Voices series , was created by The College Board in partnership with the National Writing Project and Phi Delta Kappa.

The report provides an on-the-ground view of educating immigrant students and second language learners through the lens of six classroom teachers, who highlight the strengths their students bring to their classrooms and country and the challenges they—teachers and students—face.

Improving ELL Education

To meet the challenges of teaching and learning on a national and state level, educators and policymakers need to create or facilitate the following:

  • A set of mutually agreed-upon standards for English language teaching and professional development
  • Assessments that accurately measure English language learner progress, strengths and weaknesses, and school accountability
  • Passage of an immigration bill that encourages all students to achieve academically at all levels
  • Support for school reform to ensure safe and effective learning environments for all students.

On a local and classroom level, educators need to create classrooms that:

  • Foster a vision of immigrant and English language learners as assets to our schools, communities and country
  • Use a wide variety of teaching methods, including collaborative learning
  • Base teaching and learning on the needs of individual students
  • Teach many means of communication, including a strong focus on writing.

NWP Teachers in the Report

NWP teachers in the report include:

  • Floris Wilma Ortiz-Marrero, a teacher-consultant with the Western Massachusetts Writing Project
  • Anthony Finney, New York City Writing Project Teacher
  • Brandy De Alba, a teacher-consultant with the Great Valley Writing Project
  • Sharon Ornelas, a teacher-consultant with the Minnesota Writing Project
  • Dolores Perez, a teacher-consultant with the Sabal Palms Writing Project
  • Yumi Matsui, a teacher-consultant with the Bay Area Writing Project

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