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Variation of Writing Instructional Practices (Despite Pressures to Standardize)

Date: June 16, 2011

Summary: Suzie Null, a teacher-consultant with the Bisti Writing Project in New Mexico, finds that middle school teachers in program improvement schools in Southern California who have gone through NWP programs tend to use more materials, more teaching techniques, a broader range of interactions, and a broader range of learning opportunities for students than teachers who haven't gone through NWP programs.


Excerpt from Study

Teachers who had participated in the NWP

  • Often used more materials—both district texts and additional texts that they had learned about through the NWP or found on their own
  • Often employed a broader variety of techniques to teach writing
  • Often created more opportunities for students to interact and learn actively
  • Often exhibited a broader range of interactions (questions and answer types, comments) with their students

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