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NWP Radio—Live from the Urban Sites Network Conference

Date: April 28, 2011

Summary: Join your NWP colleagues as they gather in Boston for the Urban Sites Network (USN) Conference. NWP Radio will be visiting with keynote speaker Ernest Morrell and the USN Leadership Team to talk about this year's conference themes.


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Popular culture can mean a lot of things, but I think what it means to me especially is a question of who we try to center education around and where the educational process begins. So when I think about popular culture, it's normally defined by the young people I'm working with, the place that they're at, the moment in time, the kinds of technology that mediate their communication. Popular culture is the way that young people communicate with each other; it could mean blogging, it could mean social media, how they communicate through making digital films, the music that they make. Popular culture has a lot of instantiations but for educators I think the starting place for us is to think about how are young people communicating with each other, how are they using literacy, how are they writing, and how can we make connections between those ways of communicating and what we wantto do, say, in our writing instruction.

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