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NWP Radio—A Conversation with Jeff Wilhelm and Bruce Novak

Date: May 26, 2011

Summary: Visit with Jeff Wilhelm and Bruce Novak, authors of the upcoming Teaching Literacy for Love and Wisdom. Wilhelm and Novak will talk about their new book, a conference that explores its essential ideas, and the importance of the Writing Project in supporting teachers in rich enactments of teaching and learning.


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Most fundamentally the book is about the power of story. Rachel Remen, in her "Kitchen Table Wisdom" says, "Story is how LIFE teaches us how to live." This book is, in a basic sense, about that, and about how teachers can learn to better tap into the way that life itself teaches. It shows how art is not just entertainment, but a sharing of life that can be translated into an understanding of a democracy in which our stories are deliberately interwoven. In the book we have a section titled "All the World's a Book Group." For this program we could change that to "All the World's a Writing Workshop."

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