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NWP Radio—Site Directors Talk About Sustaining their Sites

Date: July 14, 2011

Summary: Join a group of Writing Project site directors who will share their thinking about site sustainability, including sources of funding they plan to tap, ideas for programming and strategic planning with site leaders, as well as approaches to making their sites ever more visible and essential to the mission of the university.


Excerpt from Show

After we heard about the loss of federal funding, our site leadership team met to plan the future for our site. We all agreed that our best resources are our network of TCs in the Charlotte area and we would bring them together for a week to plan the future of our site and organize our work for the near future. We called this meeting an advanced institute on Sustainability. We put out an all-call notice to our TC list to come to this institute and/or Skype into it—we needed TCs as thinking partners as we planned the future of our site. We focused the institute on two related areas: how can we best sustain the professional network of teacher-consultants affiliated with our site (or what is the most important part of our work together that we should sustain—and how to develop priorities) and how can we continue to develop our site, bringing wonderful teachers into our community of practice.

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