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A Conversation About Creative Writing Pedagogy: Where Are We Going Next? (Part 2)

Publication: Fiction Writers Review
Date: September 7, 2011

Summary: Stephanie Vanderslice, director of the Great Bear Writing Project, along with educators Cathy Day and Anna Leahy, discusses creative writing pedagogy and how it fits into the educational landscape.


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It was reading the book Teaching the New Writing, co-published by Teacher's College Press and the NWP, that I came to understand that it's absolutely essential that we catch up and understand that multimodal composition needs to be incorporated into courses at every level—not only because students must know these skills in order to communicate in the 21st century, but because they are already using them outside the classroom. Since reading this groundbreaking book, I've made changes to all my courses to include some kind of digital component. For example, I have always required my introductory creative writing students to read a book on the writing life (from a list I provide) and present it to the class. Now, these presentations must be digital. In my creative writing pedagogy course, students must write a literacy autobiography; now I require that these be digital stories or digital literacy autobiographies.

Copyright © 2011. Cathy Day, Anna Leahy, and Stephanie Vanderslice. Reprinted with permission.
Day, Cathy; Leahy, Anna; & Vanderslice, Stephanie. 2011, February 11. "Where Are We Going Next? A Conversation about Creative Writing Pedagogy (Pt. 2)" in the Fiction Writers Review .

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