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Why I Write: Evan Grant's Words Seep into his Technology

Date: October 17, 2011

Summary: Evan Grant, a creative technologist, founder of seeper, and student of the sensory interactions between users and technology, describes the different ways he writes and the cathartic release he feels during the process.


What are the things you're most proud of having written, from any time in your life?

I'm most proud of my own personal writing and how it inspires and informs my ability to communicate in my professional life.

How would you describe your writing process?

My writing process varies depending on what I'm writing. My personal writing is typically a stream of consciousness. I try to let it simply flow into words. The editing process is often minimal restructuring and correction of grammatical glitches.

In my professional work the process is similar, but I use the lexicon of language very differently. The editing here is more involved, aiming to contextualize and decipher jargon or ambiguity in relevance to a specific audience. The typical challenge is to excite, inform, and inspire the reader.

What's the strangest or most interesting thing you've ever written about or researched for a writing project?

The strangest and most interesting things I've written about are experiences and explorations of my own mental state, beliefs, foresights, and interludes.

How do outside forces influence or shape your writing?

Personally I write without an audience in mind. With my work the audience varies and determines directly the complexity, tone, and type of language.

Why do you write?

Personally I write as a form of release. This comes from an overwhelming urge to pour my emotions and beliefs out into the world with words. The feeling that compels me to this is almost like the sensation of an addiction or a physical desire. It is a cathartic release that helps structure my thoughts and direction in life.

My professional writing is more functional as a means of communicating ideas and inspiring people to support and engage with them.

About the Author Evan Grant is an innovator, former TED speaker, and organiser of TEDx London. His company seeper follows the rule 'never do the same thing twice'. A creative and technologist, Evan is the founder of collective seeper. He started the company during his first year of study at Bournemouth University and has been working for the past 12 years as a director, developer and producer with a self-applied remit for 'innovation led wonderment,' exploring natural user interaction, ubiquitous computing, and responsive architecture to create multi-sensory experiences and memories. He has worked with the likes of: The Science Museum, Sony PlayStation, Nokia, Volkswagen, Sony Music, Glastonbury Festival, Nike, Unilever, Aldeburgh Music and many more.

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