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Why I Write: Sharon J. Washington Expresses, Connects, and Creates

Date: October 19, 2011

Summary: Sharon Washington, executive director of the National Writing Project, describes her need to write. "I write because I need to express myself and to connect to others," she says.



I write because I need to express myself and to connect to others.

I write so I can remember comments made by others, my own thoughts, appointments, and to buy the nutmeg I need to bake an apple pie.

I write because I need to release the words that crowd my head.

I write because the screen or paper is a neutral recipient, willing to hold all of my angst and ideas without judgment.

I write so I can create poems that only I read and songs for a chorus of one.

I write because I need those precious moments when everything else slips away.

About the Author Sharon J. Washington has over two decades of professional experience and scholarly work in social justice education, higher education administration, teacher preparation, outdoor recreation, sports, and the arts. Throughout her career she has been engaged in work that contributes to a greater understanding of individuals and groups and the ways in which work and learning communities can foster greater equity and inclusion.

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