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Date: October 20, 2011

Summary: To celebrate the National Day on Writing, the National Writing Project aired a live radio show to celebrate the National Day on Writing with interviews with New York Times education reporter Fernanda Santos, New York Times Learning Network editor Katherine Schulten, Figment founder and New Yorker staff writer Dana Goodyear, Figment teen writers, and NWP teacher and author Ashley Hope Pérez.


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Ashely Pérez on why she writes:

For me, doing that [writing with my students] and being vulnerable myself was what made that community happen in my classroom and what caused my students to start telling me the stories that made me realize, frankly, that there was a novel that needed to be written and that, you know, I wanted to write a novel, why wasn't I doing it? So I really just admire young people who respond to that challenge and I've been blessed to have so many students who have in the past, and present too. So yeah, for me, writing a novel started in my classroom.

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