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NWP and the Common Core Standards

Date: October 25, 2011

Summary: NWP is developing a variety of resources and online spaces to help educators provide the professional development necessary to implement the work of the Common Core State Standards Initiative.


Now that all but five states have adopted the Common Core State Standards many education leaders are looking for ways to provide high-quality professional development for teachers and administrators in their regions. This is particularly true for standards addressing the teaching of writing, which received little emphasis in testing and accountability mandates under No Child Left Behind. Writing is, however, a central emphasis in the Common Core State Standards.

"Writing Project sites across the country are eager to be part of efforts to strengthen the teaching of writing and are well-versed in the kinds of expectations and approaches the Common Core emphasizes," says Elyse Eidman-Aadahl, Director of National Programs and Site Development for the NWP. "They also have a strong sense of the kind of writing instruction that goes beyond what the standards cover, yet may be required by local standards for real college- and career-readiness as well as active citizenship."

Because of the attention to writing in the Common Core State Standards, the National Writing Project provides a number of ways to help districts and teachers get the necessary professional development to successfully implement the standards in the classroom.

Contact a Local Site

NWP's 200 sites are the locus of activity regarding professional development that supports the Common Core Standards' writing requirements. Local sites partner with districts or state efforts to provide school-based professional development programs. Find out how an NWP site can help you in your region. More ›

Join NWP Connect

All educators are welcome to join NWP's free online community of practice called NWP Connect. Once a member of NWP Connect, educators can access resources and discussions relevant to the Common Core. One NWP Connect community, in particular, is devoted to collecting resources for educators as they respond to the opportunities and challenges of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS). More ›

Take an Online Course

NWP offers a range of online professional development Courses. As a participant in the School of Education at Peer To Peer University (, NWP is offering a range of courses designed to engage participants in conversation, reading, and writing together to explore what it means to write deeply across the disciplines, as well as what it might mean to ask students to write for a discipline. More ›

Explore the Teaching of Digital Writing in Schools and Classrooms

NWP maintains a specially-focused website called Digital Is to support teachers as they work to incorporate digital writing into their writing curriculum. As Joe Wood, a teacher-consultant with the Area 3 Writing Project, highlights one resource on the site about how digital text or digital writing is mentioned by six of the 32 anchors of the Common Core Standards. Through the Digital Is website, educators can see examples of what teachers are doing to respond to those standards.  More ›

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