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Scaling Up Youth Programs

Date: December 8, 2011

Summary: NWP sites across the country offer a wide range of programs for youth authors. This broadcast of NWP Radio features a look at youth programs at three Writing Project sites, including a discussion of how sites can think about expanding youth programs to increase visibility, build partnerships, and raise funds.


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In order to overcome all of the impediments and obstacles that we face in really delivering great has to be connected to your core passion and belief. And so we did an advance Summer Institute in June of this year with our site leadership, and we're continuing to engage with this question, and I think what we've come to, is that while we see ourselves in a sense that, `Oh, this is the Writing Project and we're about professional development with teachers,' really deep behind that is a really deep care about the condition of youth in America and our desire to see young people thrive. But the best chance for young people to thrive is for teachers to thrive. So there's a real interconnection between working with students directly and working with teachers.

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