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Advocating for Your Writing Project Site: Looking Ahead

Date: January 12, 2012

Summary: Hear from several site leaders about their plans for raising visibility and advocating for their sites in the coming year. The show includes news about the FY12 federal budget and an update on plans for the Spring Meeting.


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A short take on how Andrea Zellner from the Red Cedar Writing Project views social media for advocacy:

So let's take the budget debate. This is where I first got really excited about interacting with my officials, was when the National Writing Project and the other literacy programs were about to be cut, and were actually cut in the end from the federal budget. As Red Cedar Writing Project, the face is 'here's a look at all of our great outreach that we've done, all the teachers we've reached, here's all these amazing products from our students.' That's the kind of public advocacy part on the side of the Writing Project. But as individuals, then we can be even more effective, because we're also taxpayers and we also are citizens, so I think it's become incredibly easy to interact with elected representatives.

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