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Supporting Teachers in Working with the Common Core State Standards

Date: February 9, 2012

Summary: How can sites best support teachers in working with the Common Core State Standards? Listen to the discussion with Tonya Perry, Site Director at Red Mountain Writing Project, and author of Supporting Students in a Time of Core Standards: English Language Arts, Grades 6–8, and other guests.


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Something that this form of assessment does is akin to making a car. For years I used to say, you know—and I don't think children are objects, but it's more about the process I'm getting ready to describe—sometimes kids would have five wheels, three windshield wipers, no seats, and maybe seven review mirrors, because in class we didn't ever assess what children needed, we just gave it to them because that's what we thought they needed. So I think forms of assessment help us, help the process become more accurate.

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