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Exploring the New NWP Resource: The Model at Work

Date: March 22, 2012

Summary: The 2012 Review of NWP Site Reports captured promising practices and thinking from sites to produce The Model at Work, a resource of ideas from across the network. In this episode of NWP Radio, we hear from site leaders who are exploring this new resource and considering its implications for the work of their sites and for the NWP network.


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What I think this resource is going to do, is provide us with a very easily searchable way for us to find out what sites are doing which kinds of work. And I know for the last decade I've run to Joye [Alberts] and said 'Who's doing work around this?' or I've talked to you [Elyse Eidman-Aadahl] about 'How do I find out who's doing this kind of work?' Well now we have a resource that does that. It provides a very straight-forward way for us to connect as sites and really make use of this network to share expertise and materials.

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