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Fundraising Tools and Strategies for Your Site: Reaching Out and Making Your Case

Date: May 23, 2012

Summary: This special edition of NWP Radio features site directors Jessica Early, Central Arizona Writing Project, and Matt Luskey, Western Pennsylvania Writing Project, who talk about recent fundraising successes. They are joined by Susan Freundlich, NWP's Director of Advancement, who shares how to craft a persuasive presentation about Writing Project site work, and tools and resources available online.


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Jessica Early, director of the Central Arizona Writing Project , shares her takeaways from applying for grants:

One thing that I learned is to repurpose the writing that I've already been doing for the National Writing Project, and the annual report, the initial grant that we wrote to establish our site for the National Writing Project—I pulled from that. I learned to tap into the resources that are available through the National Writing Project. I learned not to be shy, to call the main office and get support when I needed it. And I also learned to tap into the support of my leadership team and the other teacher-consultants who helped with the grants.

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