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Connected Learning with Youth Voices

Date: June 28, 2012

Summary: This show introduces Youth Voices, a customized school-based social network started by a group of National Writing Project teachers. We visit with Paul Allison, Chris Sloan, Carla Cherry, and Jim Nordlinger who use Youth Voices with their own students and focus on both the possibilities of and resources for supporting interest-driven writing in connected ways.


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Chris Sloan, teacher-consultant with the Wasatch Range Writing Project:

It's one of the key things that I think Youth Voices has shown me through the years is just the possibilities that happen when you connect with other people—other passionate educators. Because you know, like Paul [Allison] mentioned, the collaborative kind of curriculum that we have—I've been able to chip in on that and Paul of course is, you know, he's an excellent teacher and he has wonderful stuff—but the fact that he leaves it open so that other people can kind of add to it when possible really says a lot, and I think that's the kind of community that has developed.

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