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Four Myths About the ELA Common-Core Standards

Publication: Education Week
Date: July 12, 2012

Summary: Dina Strasser, a former Fulbright Scholar and a teacher-leader with the Genesee Valley Writing Project (New York), along with educator Cheryl Dobbertin, discusses four common "myths" of the ELA Common-Core Standards.


Excerpt from Article

The standards are pushing us to examine our practices, and examine them we must. We must push ourselves in the same way we are being expected to push our students. We educators must thoughtfully read the complex common-core documents in their entirety, write rigorous lesson plans, and listen critically to those who are trying to help us learn and change.

Just as important is speaking up to question and clarify our own understanding of the standards and what they mean for our practice. We must keep "mythbusting" our own practices and what we are hearing so that the common-core standards can live up to their full potential. After all, the intention behind these rigorous standards—to prepare all students for careers and college—is at the heart of our work.

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