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By: NWP Staff
Publication: The Voice, Vol. 7, No. 3
Date: May-June 2002

Summary: Find out your colleagues' latest awards and publications.


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Northwest Arkansas Writing Project
Kristen Scanlon, 1997 fellow, received the Outstanding Arkansas Teacher Award, sponsored by the Oklahoma/Arkansas section of the Mathematical Association of America. Scanlon was also honored by the Presidential Awards for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching Program, sponsored by the National Science Foundation and the White House. Scanlon is a seventh grade math teacher at West Fork Middle School.

Samuel Totten, director, has published a book entitled Holocaust Education: Issues and Approaches (Allyn & Bacon Publishers, November 2001). The book includes ten essays on various facets of holocaust pedagogy, ranging from how to select topics/issues to teach a historically accurate and pedagogically sound unit to the danger in using simulations to convey personal and historical experiences.


Southern Arizona Writing Project
Carrie Brennan, 1995 fellow, received the site's Exemplary Teacher Award from the University of Arizona Department of English at the annual spring conference in March 2002.


Central California Writing Project
Nicholas Meier, 1995 fellow, published "Peer Writing Response Groups in a Language Minority Classroom" in the fall 2001 issue of Teaching and Learning: The Journal of Natural Inquiry and Reflective Practice. Initially drafted as a writing project action research project, the article reflects Meier's 14 years of work as an elementary bilingual teacher. To view the article, log on at

Great Valley Writing Project
Pat Egenberger, 1986 fellow, had an article, "Trimming the Paper Load" published in California English 6 (5). Egenberger teaches at Ustach Middle School in Modesto.

Tina Ichord-Johansson, 1999 fellow, published "I Haven't Done the Writing Project; I Am the Writing Project" in California English 6 (5). Ichord-Johansson teaches at Teel Middle School in Empire.

Gary Thomas, 1998 fellow, had a poem, "Even This Day," published in California English 6 (5). Thomas teaches at Turlock Junior High School.

Gillian Wegener, 1998 fellow, has published a book of poetry, Lifting One Foot, Lifting the Other (Grove Press, December 2001). Wegener teaches at Oakdale Junior High.

Inland Area Writing Project
Elizabeth Bennett, 2001 fellow, had a short story, "The Thin Line," tie for first place in the Mount San Antonio College Writer's Day contest. Bennett teaches at Upland High School, in Upland.

Richard D. Hartwell, 1999 fellow, published "How I Continue to Evolve as a Writer" in Once Upon A Time (spring 2002). Hartwell also received honorable mention for flash fiction for "Hard Water," in ByLine (January 2002). Hartwell teaches at Vista Verde Middle School in Moreno Valley.


Delaware Writing Project
Amanda Camenisch, 1999 fellow, was honored with the Teachers Who Make A Difference Award by local television station WMDT Channel 47 in February.

Sharon Crossen, 1999 fellow, received special recog-nition for her contribution as a non–art educator to art education by the Art Educators of Delaware on March 1, 2002. Crossen, who integrates art with writing instruction, teaches at Polytech High School.

District of Columbia

DC Area Writing Project
Lisa Jonson, 1996 fellow, received the following grants: a $2,500 Jordan Fundamentals Grant, a $500 Washington Post Grant in the Arts, and a $340 District of Columbia Commission on the Arts and Humanities Arts Education Teacher Minigrant. Jonson is a dance and drama instructor at Paul Junior High Independent Public Charter School.

Judith Kelly, director and 1995 fellow, was appointed chairperson of the National Council of Teachers of English Conference, "The Reading and Writing Connection: Teaching in Urban Schools," to be held from July 25-27, 2002 in Bethesda, Maryland.

Consentine Morgan, 2000 fellow, participated in a panel entitled "What Must Be Done to Integrate K-12 Students' Writing and Learning?" at the Writing Across the Curriculum Conference in Houston, Texas. Morgan's position paper, "Writing in K-12 Education: An Essential," will be published in the Language and Learning Across the Disciplines Journal. Morgan is the academic dean at Ballou Senior High School.

Lohengrin "Gwen" Nix, 1996 fellow, was appointed to serve on the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Commemorative Committee in Montgomery County, Maryland. Nix is dean of the Arts and Humanities Academy at Coolidge Senior High School.


Jaxwrite Writing Project

Mary Baron, director, and Denise Rambach, co-director, presented "Taming the Dragon: Teaching Beowulf in High School and College" at the Florida Council of Teachers of English Convention in Jacksonville.

Linda Bishop, 1992 fellow, earned National Board certification.

Morgan Gustafson, 1999 fellow, was named Teacher of the Year at the LaVilla Middle School for the Arts in Jacksonville.


Georgia Southern Writing Project
A doctoral student and 1999 fellow, Will Banks received the 2002 Outstanding University Graduate Teaching Award at Illinois State University.


Northwest Indiana Writing Project
Karen Kinney, co-director and 1996 fellow, wrote a book with her class entitled How to Make Schools Better (self-published). Governor Frank O'Bannon quoted from the book in his State of the State address. Kinney is a kindergarten teacher at Bibich Elementary School in Dyer.


Western Kentucky University Writing Project
Anne Padilla, 1989 fellow, traveled for the fourth time to Salzburg, Austria, in March 2002 to visit English classes and talk about education in the United States, politics, and literature. At the National Council of Teachers of English 2001 Conference in Baltimore, Padilla participated in a panel session titled "Finished? Never!: Weaving a Continuous Web with Literature in the Classroom." Padilla teaches at Bowling Green High School in Bowling Green.

Laura Dibert Williams, 1996 fellow, was named the Henderson County Chamber of Commerce Educator of the Year 2002. Dibert Williams teaches at Henderson County High School.


Maine Writing Project
Jeffrey D. Wilhelm, director, and Michael W. Smith, director of the National Writing Project at Rutgers University, New Jersey, have published a new book, Reading Don't Fix No Chevys: Literacy in the Lives of Young Men (Heinemann, March 2002).


Meadow Brook Writing Project
Beatrice Catherino, 2001 fellow, had an article, "Exploring Music as a Source of Memory," published in the "Voices from the Field" section of Kairos, an online journal for teachers and scholars in writing and rhetoric. Catherino's piece originated as a small presentation at the 2001 summer institute.

Debbie Hale, 2001 fellow, was appointed principal at Irwin Elementary School in Lapeer.

Ron Sudol, director, was appointed associate provost of Oakland University last fall.

Saginaw Bay National Writing Project
Lisa Collins, 2001 fellow, had an article, "Commentary . . . Getting Students to Tune In," published in The Science Teacher—National Science Teachers Association Journal (December 2001: 10).


Minnesota Writing Project
Ann Mershon, 1999 fellow, won first prize at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, Writers Institute Poem or Page Contest for her article, "The Other F-Word," about flatulence. Mershon also received honorable mention for the article in the Writer's Digest Competition. In addition, Mershon has published three articles: "Gunflint Snowshoeing," Silent Sports, March 2002; "Skirmish at Jonvick Creek," Minnesota Conservation Volunteer, May/June 2002; and "Fear of Frying," Backpacker, February 2001.


Missouri Writing Project State Network
Missouri Writing Project State Network teacher- consultants conducted over a third of the breakout sessions at Missouri's Write To Learn 2002: "Celebrating Diversity, Teaching Tolerance," the state's annual communication arts conference, held at Osage Beach February 28–March 2, 2002.

Greater Kansas City Writing Project
Maridella Carter, co-director, had an article, "The Bible: Still a Worldwide Classic Bestseller," published in the May 2002 issue of English Journal.

Prairie Lands Writing Project
Judy Crane, 1998 fellow, was instrumental in the development of her district's professional development program, which was cited as an exemplary staff development program at the U.S. Department of Education Annual "Improving America's Schools" Convention last December. Crane received the award from Rod Paige, U.S. Secretary of Education, at the convention, held in San Antonio in December 2001. Crane teaches at North Nodaway Elementary School.


Montana Writing Project
Beverly Ann Chin, co-director, received the 2001 Distinguished Educator Award from the Montana Association of Teachers of English and Language Arts. The award recognizes Chin's teaching, leader-ship, and service at both national and state levels.


Northern Nevada Writing Project
Diane Barone, 1985 fellow; Carol Hines, 1992 fellow; and Mandy Campbell, 1992 fellow, have published The National Board Certification Handbook (Stenhouse Publishers, March 2002). The book guides teachers through the board certification process and includes support and stories from teachers and candidates.

Patty Foncault, 2000 fellow, had her article, "Linking Schools and Business," published in Clearinghouse (January/February 2002).

New Jersey

National Writing Project at Rutgers University
Bill Connolly, co-director, and Michael W. Smith, director, had their article, "Teachers and Students Talk About Talk: Class Discussions and the Way It Should Be," accepted for publication in the Journal of Adolescent and Adult Literacy.

Michael W. Smith and Jeffrey D. Wilhelm, director of the Maine Writing Project, have published a book, Reading Don't Fix No Chevys: Literacy in the Lives of Young Men (Heinemann, March 2002). They also had an article, "Literacy in the Lives of Young Men: Findings from an American Study," published in English in Australia 132: 17-26 (November 2001).


National Writing Project at Kent State University
The following fellows earned National Board certification: Jeanne Constantino, 1999 fellow; Nancy Dunker, 1998 fellow; Carol Ann Hart, 2000 fellow; and Stephanie Sierra, 1998 fellow.

Vivian Axiotis, 1998 fellow, published a poem, "Meningitis," in the 2001 edition of The Green Hills Literary Lantern. Axiotis also published two poems, "Legacy" and "Ode to Older Sisters," in the fall 2001 edition of the literary magazine Ohio Teachers Write.

Genevieve Bodnar, 1997 fellow, representing the Regional Professional Development Center, Region 12, made a recommendation to Governor Bob Taft to support the writing project site at the Teacher Advisory Board meeting in October, 2001.

Janie Reinart, 1998 fellow, is Poetry Day Liaison for the Ohio Council of Teachers of English Language Arts (OCTELA). Reinart has a poem, "Marked for Life," published in the anthology, Bearing Witness: Poetry by Teachers About Teaching (Zephyr Press, fall 2001). Reinart also contributed several chapters to the series, Eye on Education: Standards-Based Activities with Scoring Rubrics for Middle and High School English (Performance-Based Portfolios, January 2002).

Colleen Ruggieri, 1998 fellow, was recognized as Outstanding English Language Arts Educator by OCTELA.

Stephanie Sierra, 1998 fellow, received the Outstanding English Language Arts Educator Award for Distinguished Service from OCTELA. Sierra teaches fourth grade in Elyria.


Western Pennsylvania Writing Project
Gail Ghai, 1994 fellow, received a commendation from the Senate of Pennsylvania, sponsored by Senator Jane Orie, on January 3, 2002. Ghai was recognized for her work as an artist in the community, teaching poetry workshops to mentally challenged adults and cancer survivors, and her work with sixth through eleventh grade students in the classroom.

Constance Weiss, 1991 fellow, has published a book of her students' prose and poetry, Changed, Schenley High School's Memorial to the Events of September 11, 2001 (Graphic Arts Technical Foundation, October 2001). Proceeds from the book go to the Children's Aid Society of New York.

South Carolina

Swamp Fox Writing Project
Gail Hayes and Susan Burns, 1999 fellows, earned National Board certification. Hayes teaches at South Florence High School in Florence, and Burns teaches at Southside Middle School in Florence.


Greater Houston Area Writing Project
Paula Griffith, co-director, was named 2002 Texas State Reading Association Teacher of the Year. Grif-fith is a sixth grade reading and English teacher at Dunbar Middle School in Dickinson, and an adjunct professor at the University of Houston, Clear Lake.

South Texas Writing Project
Melissa Martinez, 2000 fellow, had her poem, "Cafe con Crema," published in the San Antonio Express-News (1/27/02). Martinez teaches English at United High School in Laredo.


Central Washington Writing Project
Mario Godoy-Gonzalez, 1999 fellow, was named the Washington State Migrant Education Program Teacher of the Year 2000. Godoy-Gonzalez also received the National Environmental Education and Training Foundation National Teacher Development Award 2000 for his unit, "How to Improve Writing Skills Using Environmental Issues." Godoy-Gonzalez also received the Washington State Golden Apple Award for Excellence in Education 2000, The Society for Advancement of Chicanos and Native Americans in Science National K-12 Distinguished Educator of the Year 2001 Award, and the National Education Association/National Foundation for the Improvement of Education National Donna Rhodes Award for Innovation in Education. Godoy-Gonzalez also received the $10,000 Toyota Tapestry Grant for his proposal, "Ethnobotany Across Curriculum," which combines science, reading, and writing.

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