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Teachers Leading Teachers: Seeing Need and Making Change

Date: August 9, 2012

Summary: This NWP Radio show focuses on teacher leadership. Listen in as teacher-leaders from several Writing Project sites reflect on their work as leaders of other teachers in their schools, districts, and beyond, and why they are passionate about what they have chosen to do.


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Meenoo Rami on starting #engchat:

I didn't want to wait for somebody else to do this and then maybe I'd help. I think that is something that comes from being around inspirational people and I think it comes from having a community like the Philadelphia Writing Project and the National Writing Project, sort of saying, like, 'Yes, think deeply about your practice; what is it that you would like to do, what is it that you are interested in looking more into?' And I think that certainly helped, it really was a tipping point for me.

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