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Thinking About Web Literacy, Making, and Sharing with Mozilla

Date: September 13, 2012

Summary: In this episode, join Laura Hilliger and Doug Belshaw from the Mozilla Foundation—the folks behind the Firefox web browser—and Troy Hicks (Chippewa River Writing Project) and Janelle Q. Bence (North Star of Texas Writing Proejct) as they explore what it means to be "web literate" and the tools and opportunities that have been created to support web making practices in schools and communities today.


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Doug Belshaw , Badges and Skills Lead at the Mozilla Foundation, on web literacies:

When we're talking about 'literacy' we really need to pluralize that, because there are lots of types of literacies. And when we're talking about 'literacy on the web,' really there's lots and lots of different types of literacies. So we've talked mainly about five—exploring and connecting and building and authoring and protecting—as really kind of being buckets to put competencies and skills in...we're thinking about skills as being more or less granular and then kind of having a constellation of those together and then forming competencies, and then rolling those up into those five buckets that I mentioned before. And the reason why I think that's important is that otherwise two things tend to happen—I did my thesis around visual literacies—and what I found was people going round and round in circles trying to find the perfect definition of what 'digital literacy' in a singular sense was, and it wasn't a very productive conversation. And people at the 'sharp' end—educators and teachers and people who are actually doing stuff with young people—felt disempowered.

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