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Exceeding the Core

Date: October 25, 2012

Summary: In this episode we talk with Michael Smith, Jeff Wilhelm, and Jim Fredricksen, authors of three recently released books about teaching writing in ways that help students exceed the Common Core State Standards. Smith, Wilhelm, and Fredricksen, who are also slated to keynote the 2012 NWP Annual Meeting, will talk about their work and the role of the standards in educational policy and practice.


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Dr. Jeff Wilhelm , Professor of English Education at Boise State University and founding director of the Boise State Writing Project, on consumption vs. production in the classroom:

I think the most important lever-point, here, of the Common Core—and we really get after this in our books—is how do you shift that [consumption] so that the kids are learning the same content, but they're learning it like an expert and they're using it like an expert and they're producing new meaning; whether they apply the meaning that they've gained or whether they're producing new kinds of meaning through inquiry. And they produce knowledge artifacts that the arguments they write, the narratives they write, the informational text references they write actually do work at answering inquiry questions, and do work out in the world.

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