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Back to School: A Conversation with Mike Rose

Date: December 13, 2012

Summary: In this episode, we spend an hour with Mike Rose, a professor at the UCLA Graduate School of Education and Information Studies and the author of many books. We invited Mike to talk with us about his newest work: Back to School: Why Everyone Deserves a Second Chance at Education.


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Mike Rose elaborating on his position that everyone should have the right and opportunity to continue their education beyond high school:

This opportunity to have something to go to, to further your education, I think is just part of who we are and it's actually a tradition that goes very far back in American society. We always seem to be looking for ways to go beyond whatever the baseline of education is at the time. Americans have generated ways—whether they were mechanics' institutes, or through labor unions and farm organizations, or correspondence schools, or university extensions—it just seems like there's all these ways that we have generated for ourselves to continue education.

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