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Principals in the Mix in Content-Area Professional Development

Date: January 10, 2013

Summary: How do principals go about learning enough about literacy to support content-area teachers' professional development? How can writing projects provide occasions for learning for administrators? What effect does administrator's learning have on the success of professional development beyond "being supportive"? Join NWP Radio for a discussion of how writing projects can involve administrators in professional development and how their knowledge can help increase the effectiveness of our work.


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Charlie Troughton, Principal of Corning High School, on advice he would give to principals getting started with engaging in content-area literacy:

There has to be a willingness to just be willing to change one's perspective about what really matters in school and what kids need. We're all convinced, that are talking here today, that the practice of literacy—that reading and writing and listening and speaking and thinking—are the priorities for where we want to take our kids. That fundamental perspective, to me, is what's going to capture any administrator out there."

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