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Reflections on the Memorial Library Summer Seminar in NYC

Date: February 14, 2013

Summary: The Memorial Library brings teachers to New York City for a seminar, every summer, dedicated to exploring creative and collaborative methods for teaching about the Holocaust and other genocides. This broadcast features a conversation with Dr. Sondra Perl, Director of the Holocaust Educators Network and a co-founder of the New York City Writing Project, and Jennifer Lemberg, Assistant Director of the Holocaust Educators Network. Also joining in are three recent graduates of the seminar—Tai Basurto, Carol Revelle, and Melissa Flanagan—teachers whose work with the group has deepened over time.


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Dr. Sondra Perl, founder and Director of the Holocaust Educators Network , on how this event is unique, and why it's such a natural fit for Writing Project teacher-consultants:

Unlike, I think, many other institutes that focus on the Holocaust, it's not only about the delivery of information, it's really about inquiry. What does the Holocaust, and what does teaching the Holocaust, mean to all of us who take it on? It's hard, it's challenging, and yet—as one of our teachers said many years ago—students seem to find it endlessly fascinating. So what we do often when we enter this very immense and challenging territory, is we write."

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