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Creating a Culture for Learning in High-Need Schools

Date: May 30, 2013

Summary: Join National Writing Project site leaders on a two-part, special edition of NWP Radio as they reflect on lessons learned from a year of offering professional development in high-need schools. This show—and its partner show which aired on June 6, SEED 3 Professional Development Program Designs—provide food for thought for site teams planning professional development in 2013-14.


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Meg Petersen, Director of the National Writing Project in New Hampshire , on the greatest challenge this year creating a professional design program:

The greatest challenge we faced is really creating a cultural change int he school, and for a while the challenge was really understanding that that's what we were doing. I think we're in a situation where we have a definite set of values and beliefs and ideas that guide our work but that's not always as explicit in what we bring to our work in schools...We're bringing a lot of ideas that might be very alien to the culture of schools that we're working in—our focus on community, on inquiry, the professional and intellecutal role of teachers as instructional leaders. That notion may be very alien to some of the contexts that we're working in."

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