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SEED 3 Professional Development Program Design

Date: June 6, 2013

Summary: Join National Writing Project site leaders in part two of this two-part, special edition of NWP Radio. Our guests reflect on lessons learned from a year of offering professional development in high-need schools. This show—and its partner show which aired on May 30, Creating a Culture for Learning in High-Needs Schools—provide food for thought for site teams planning professional development in 2013-14.


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Katy Smith, co-director of the Illinois Writing Project at National-Louis University , on the benefits of the SEED (Supporting Effective Educator Development) professional development design used in her work with schools:

Without question, students across the school were engaging in more and more and more writing—formal writing, informal writing. The teachers took this work back to their classrooms. The PE teachers talked to me about, they don't have pencils in the gym, but what are some thinking things that we can do to help them develop the thinking skills, even in our context. Within the health education classes, they were very strategic about the kinds of writing. So in some areas where traditionally it might not be that students are doing a lot of writing, that was a real shift in the school."

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