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NWP and the Summer of Making and Connecting

Date: June 13, 2013

Summary: Summer is almost here and that means that the Summer of Making and Connecting is heating up! Listen to this episode of NWP Radio to hear about the summer's line-up and the various ways that educators around the country are writing, making, and sharing while putting Connected Learning principles into practice. Guests include Paul Allison (NYCWP), Karen Fasimpaur (P2PU), Cindy O'Donnell-Allen (CSUWP), Paul Oh (NWP), and Stephanie West-Puckett (Tar River WP).


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Karen Fasimpaur, an independent consultant working in building online educational communities, working with P2PU School of Education, and one of the facilitators for this summer's MOOC, Making Learning Connected , on the MOOC:

In this MOOC, we'll be making things together and also reflecting on Connected Learning principles in the context of that making...The most exciting thing, to me, about CLMOOC is that people will be able to participate in it in any way that works for them. We're really encouraging them to address their own interests and find activities that work within their own time frame&mdaash;we know everybody's super busy during the summer. But there are a lot of different ways to participate and people are welcome to lurk, or to be more active and do a lot of posting and writing about their reflections."

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