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An Online Summer

Date: August 8, 2013

Summary: We know that summer typically means face-to-face institutes occurring around the country. This summer we also saw an explosion of NWP-related activity in two online spaces: the E-Anthology and the Making Learning Connected Massive Open Online Collaboration (#clmooc). In this episode, site leaders explain the work at the center of these two spaces and describe their participation, and the participation of their site colleagues in these robust communities.


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Joseph McCaleb of the University of Maryland Writing Project on why he thinks engaging in a community like the Making Learning Connected MOOC is valuable, specifically in relation to composition:

I have some concern that teachers who have experienced, successfully or not, the print-oriented process for composing sometimes over-impose that on what we have available today. I don't believe we know all about what gaming offers...and the way that the visual and other kinds of participatory knowing will flow into classroom life to make it more powerful."

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