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Connected Educator Month is Coming!

Date: September 26, 2013

Summary: "Take it from an educator—or thousands" is the call of this year's Connected Educator Month set for October 2013. A partner of the NWP through our Educator Innovator initiative, Connected Educator Month (CEM) seeks to broaden and deepen educator participation in online communities of practice and move towards a more fully connected and collaborative profession. This NWP Radio show explores what it means to be a connected educator in the 21st century, what the implications are for Writing Project sites today, and how to get involved in CEM in October and connect with the larger Educator Innovator network throughout the year.


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Mia Zamora, Director of the Kean University Writing Project , on what it means to her to be a connected educator today:

It means understanding that all children learn in a multitude of different ways. And it's about encouraging and modeling a variety of ways in which we might ultimately discover knowledge together. A connected educator embraces the challenge of developing a new kind of 21st century literacy: by tapping into the power of self-directed learning, by opening the classroom to a global perspective, by crowdsourcing new questions, by opening up students' writing to a variety of digital tools. Being a connected educator also means embracing the power of making in the classroom. Learning in this day and age should never be a simply static formulation of teacher-driven lectures and memorization of content; for each and every student, learning should be both personalized and dynamic."

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