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Exploring Partnerships for Literacy Learning

Date: November 14, 2013

Summary: Writing Project site leaders around the country are looking for ways to join forces with like-minded collaborators to provide learning opportunities for teachers and students. In this episode of NWP Radio, we heard from Writing Project site leaders about some innovative approaches to educational partnerships that are working locally.


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Rhonda Sutton of the Northeastern Pennsylvania Writing Project on key ideas that people should know about the Being a Writer program:

There are really three key ideas that people should continue to think about. One is the core belief between Writing Project sites and Being a Writer, which are: to provide time for writing; that students choose their writing topic and they're writing for real audiences; and that there is modeling of good writing. In addition to that, I also think that it's important for people to understand, too, that being a writer is about giving students the ability to write clearly, creatively, and purposefully for sustained periods of time. And lastly, the instruction of the program supports the development of the writer rather than the writing."

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