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Acceleration and Agency in Disciplinary Literacies

Date: December 12, 2013

Summary: In this episode we interviewed Bob Moses, founder of the Algebra Project. A discussion followed with Writing Project directors and teacher-consultants who have been collaborating to focus on students struggling in the bottom quartile. We also discussed what we have been learning about acceleration versus remediation, the development of identity and agency, and the power of focusing together on learners least well-served by current systems.


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Bob Moses, President and Founder of The Algebra Project , on what they are focused on today:

Instead of this achievement gap metaphor, can we put on the nation's table a different metaphor? A standards metaphor? A platform which says that all the children, and especially children at the bottom and in the bottom quartile, need to be able, as they leave high school, to access college math for college credit."

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