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Learning at the Library: Professional Development at the Library of Congress

Date: January 9, 2014

Summary: It's never too early to start filling your summer professional calendar. On this NWP Radio episode, we hear about summer learning institutes for teachers—offered at the Library of Congress—from Writing Project teacher-consultants who attended last year. We also learn about the fantastic local Writing Project work that stemmed from that experience.


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Meg Steele, manager of the Library of Congress Summer Teacher Institutes and Seminars , on how the institute is a good fit for Writing Project teachers:

What we saw this summer as well, sort of on the ground, was that primary source strategies—strategies for analyzing primary sources—are powerful pre-writing activities for students. Writing is a natural part, and extension, of the activities that we do, but all teachers no matter where they are in terms of using writing in the classroom, were able to easily see how primary source analysis—looking closely at a photo or a manuscript, making observations, drawing conclusions—gave students a lot of material from which to then do some writing."

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