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Making Professional Development Work in Challenging Times

Date: January 23, 2014

Summary: A number of National Writing Project sites are currently engaged in long-term professional development in schools around the country. In this discussion we hear from sites on lessons learned about how to provide relevant professional development, as well as a look at a new ebook on the topic, Intentional Honor, by Tonya Perry, director of the Red Mountain Writing Project.


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Shirley Storey, a teacher-consultant at the Red Mountain Writing Project, on the importance and impact of honoring students:

Usually when we think of honoring students, it will usually occur at the end of a year, end of a grading period, end of a semester. But as we thought about it and looked at high-needs students, honoring high-needs students—honoring students, period—sort of gives them a motivation and encouragement in order to continue the work."

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