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Bringing CLMOOC Back Home

Date: February 27, 2014

Summary: Making Learning Connected (#clmooc) was a Massive Open Online Collaboration that drew more than a thousand participants last summer. What, though, happened after the summer? How was the CLMOOC experience translated into classrooms and Writing Project sites? Listen to this conversation with participants from CLMOOC who will provide insight into what Making Learning Connected looks like at the local level.


Excerpt from Show

Michael Weller, of the Los Angeles Writing Project at Cal State LA , on what he learned from CLMOOC:

My big summer epiphany...was that I could use technology to transform my instruction rather than using technology to make my instruction more efficient in the way it's always been. Put another way, I could leverage technology to make my student's learning more connected and use technology to help students pursue their interests that would promote their growth."

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