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Science Out of School

Date: March 13, 2014

Summary: In this episode we discussed the possibilities and potential, as well as the challenges, of bringing STEM education into out-of-school settings. Out-of-school practitioners, who are part of the National After School Matters Fellowship hosted at the Puget Sound Writing Project, shared their practitioner research projects.


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Mercedes Elizalde, a youth advocate and member of the Puget Sound Writing Project , on what she observed in her own school and other schools when attempting to introduce STEM education:

It started to look like STEM had a lot of these stereotypical things around it—that it was really academic, that it was really high-skill-based, that it was really hard, and that it took a lot of time and materials to do. So it was clear that not just my staff but many other youth development workers felt that STEM was just so different than their regular activities that they considered to be their normal day-to-day activities."

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