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Connected Learning at Writing Project Sites and Communities

Date: April 10, 2014

Summary: This episode explores Teaching in the Connected Learning Classroom, an exciting, new eBook edited and curated by a group of National Writing Project educators, published in March 2014 by the Digital Media and Learning Research Hub. The book is sourced from examples of classroom practice originally shared at the NWP Digital Is website, and is unique in its focus on in-school work and the Connected Learning principles. Listen as Writing Project educators and leaders share potential implications for site work and practices.


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Mia Zamora, director of the Kean University Writing Project in New Jersey, on the possible impact of the new eBook on educator practice:

In many ways, Connected Learning is about the acquisition of new, exciting digital tools, new media tools. But it really is a lot more than that. With the acquisition of new media tools, a more transformative process occurs for a teacher, which involves revamping classroom activities and redesigning approaches to the curriculum. It really is a paradigm shift from teacher to designer...When we as educators begin to see ourselves as designers, we immediately re-position ourselves as active agents of change in today's educational environment."

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