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A Summer to Make, Play & Connect

Date: May 8, 2014

Summary: Summer means vacation for some, but for many others, it marks a time of making, playing, and connecting. Beginning this June, educators around the country and the world will be taking part in a Summer to Make, Play & Connect, powered by Educator Innovator and the Mozilla Foundation's Maker Party 2014. Listen to this episode to learn more about this summer campaign and the many opportunities being offered to all educators.


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Joe Dillon, of the Denver Writing Project, on why Writing Project educators should be interested in Making Learning Connected (#clmooc):

We had our first go at this MOOC last summer and what really emerged was, we heard from all kinds of benefits to being in the MOOC. Some, for example, were really reflecting on how, by engaging with the networked tools that we used to pull off this Massive Open Online Collaboration, they felt like they were gaining traction with new tools to use educational technology in their classroom. Other folks were simply interested in learning more from a broad base of National Writing Project teachers."

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