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A Park in Your Backyard—Summer Youth Programs & More at the National Park

Date: August 28, 2014

Summary: When teacher-leaders at a National Writing Project site and like-minded park rangers from a nearby National Park collaborate to develop youth programs, deep learning happens. Listen to an engaging conversation with four teams who have partnered to develop meaningful opportunities for young people as they reshape their relationship to place through writing in historic sites.


Excerpt from Show

Renee Albertol on the natural connection between National Parks' Services and the National Writing Project:

We discovered that our goals were almost identical as organizations. The National Writing Project's connected learning model so closely mirrors the National Park Services' call to action goals. We're working to advance the same goals, and it makes sense that we would work together. For the Park Service, we're really emphasizing a deep understanding of our resources, relevance to the students, and that there's multiple ways to access our resources, sites, and stories."

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Duration: 1 hour

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