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Not Just a Collection of Dusty Boxes: The NWP Archives Project

Date: September 25, 2014

Summary: Learn more about the NWP Archives Project, which will construct a living and usable history of our NWP. In addition to explaining the project, this show includes a segment featuring the voices of Writing Project teacher-consultants and directors sharing reflections on their own Writing Project experience and what the Writing Project means to them. NWP leaders who have donated to support the Archives Project also talk about what compelled them to give.


Excerpt from Show

Susan Vander Does, Rhode Island Writing Project:

The writing project has nudged me to try on new identities—writer, teacher-researcher, teacher-leader, and has helped me to grow into them. The writing project is my professional home because sharing is the norm, risk-taking is encouraged and supported, and continuous learning happens, joyfully."

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