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National Writing Project Partners in New Education Campaign Backed by John Legend

Publication: CNN
Date: February 17, 2015

Summary: John Legend, a partner in our Educator Innovator LRNG initiative, is a key public figure for Reimagine Learning, a new campaign that draws on a diverse set of partners across education, philanthropy, and the entertainment industry. In this personal essay, Mr. Legend expresses why today's classroom should make room for students to cultivate and pursue their passions.


Excerpt from Article

Imagine what it would look like if our schools were set up to help people discover and pursue a personal passion instead of a predictable path?

The good news is that a number of individuals and organizations are finding new ways to innovate in education. Tuesday night, I'll be performing at an event where allies from the education and entertainment fields will announce the launch of Reimagine Learning , a $30 million fund organized and run by pioneering venture philanthropy, New Profit, which is providing support to educators, social entrepreneurs and researchers who are shaping the future of teaching and learning."

Reimagining education began with Educator Innovator and LRNG:

And thanks to a partnership with the MacArthur Foundation and the National Writing Project, I was excited to launch an initiative in 2014 to provide teachers with new resources to innovate in their classrooms, so that they can better meet the needs of different learners. The project, called LRNG, is part of a movement dedicated to inspire innovation in learning to ensure that it better reflects the world we live in today."

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